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Video: Ref calls phantom foul on Mikal Bridges that helps D.J. Augustin send Suns-Magic game to OT

Mikal Bridges, Suns, D.J. Augustin, Magic

No NBA referees are above making bad calls, but the one made at the end of regulation in the game between the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night was particularly terrible.

Magic guard D.J. Augustin was attempting to draw a foul on a jumper, and Suns rookie Mikal Bridges appeared to avoid him … but was called for the foul, which ultimately resulted in overtime:

It’s hard to tell from that angle, so I guess you can make the argument that Bridges brushed Augustin with his right leg, but even if he did, that should not have been a foul, as he was going past Augustin and Augustin clearly initiated the contact.

Fortunately for Bridges and Phoenix, the Suns were able to come away with a 122-120 victory in overtime, but they had to play an extra sessions that never should have happened.

On the night, Bridges scored five points in 36 minutes while Augustin finished with an impressive 27 points and six assists through 42 minutes of action.

How about the Suns lately?

They were 4-24 on Dec. 11, but they have gone 5-2 since, including a four-game winning streak.

Phoenix is also no stranger to overtimes this month, as it lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in overtime back on Dec. 10 and then played a triple-overtime affair against the Washington Wizards last Saturday, falling by a score of 149-146.

The Magic have been going in the opposite direction, losing seven of their past nine games to fall to 14-19 on the season. At one point, Orlando was 9-8, which marked the last time it was above .500 this year.