Bryce Young is considered by many experts to be the top quarterback in the NFL Draft. The Alabama quarterback has put together back-to-back sensational season while leading the Crimson Tide, and that makes him a prime candidate to graduate from college stardom to NFL starter.

However, there are concerns that could keep him from being drafted high in the first round. The NFL is often concerned with the size and strength of its incoming quarterbacks, and many of the top prospects are 6-2 or taller and weight 220 pounds or more. The latest measurement for Young has the quarterback at 5-10 1/2. The Alabama Sports Information Department lists Young at 6-0 and 194 pounds.

ESPN Draft and personnel expert Todd McShay believes that teams will think twice before using a top draft pick on Young. “If I'm a GM, I'm scared to death of drafting him,” McShay said.

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. issued a similar statement about Young last week, and it's clear that size is a vital factor when evaluating all players and especially quarterbacks.

A smaller quarterback with dynamic skills can overcome a lack of size, but general managers and coaches want a quarterback who can see over the line of scrimmage and find open receivers downfield without a struggle. A smaller quarterback has to find the angles and openings just to see if receivers are breaking open.

The Chicago Bears have the No. 1 pick in the draft, and they are in the process of evaluating whether they should trade that selection or keep it. The Bears have a young quarterback in Justin Fields, and that may preclude them from selecting Bryce Young.