The 2023 Pro Bowl flag football game got a bit more physical than expected after Los Angeles Rams star Jalen Ramsey leveled Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill with a vicious hit that was almost certainly outside of the rules. Despite the friendly nature of the flag football game, Ramsey delivered a stunning hit onto Hill during a touchdown play in an effort to keep him out of the end zone.

After Davante Adams made a catch up the middle of the field, he lateralled the ball to Hill right before entering the end zone. Hill, who was eventually credited with the touchdown, took a massive hit from Ramsey on his way into the end zone, paying a significant price for the points he scored.

Clearly, Ramsey forgot the “flag” aspect of flag football during the play, as he trucked straight into Hill along the goal line. Good to see Ramsey is still in regular-season form, as he even celebrated his tackle by pointing in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, Hill wasn't hurt on the play and everyone was able to laugh it off. Just because the pads are off and the competition is purely for bragging rights, doesn't mean some guys didn't come to play. Evidently, Ramsey is among that crowd, getting in a big shot against Hill on the scoring play.


On closer look, however, it appears the contact was accidental, as Jalen Ramsey was attempting to make a play on Adams before he pitched the ball back to Hill, who was the victim of the massive hit from the Rams DB.