Last week, it was reported that former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was likely to return to coaching next season. Not only that, but there were three particular destinations that intrigued him. He was supposedly interested in the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers. The report listed the biggest of Payton’s factors in determining where he would like to go based on warm weather, a competitive roster and full control over personnel.

Recently, Sean Payton spoke with Jarrett Bell from the USA Today to discuss the report.

“Ultimately, do I think I’ll get back in? Sure,” Payton said. “There’s no way to predict who that club might be. Usually, there are about six openings every year. If there’s a right fit somewhere, that ultimately will depend on several factors.”

This certainly sounds like a more realistic sentiment from Payton that what was originally reported. The Dolphins just hired a new coach this offseason in Mike McDaniels. The Chargers have a young head coach that they just hired last year in Brandon Staley. Dallas has a Super-Bowl winning head coach in Mike McCarthy.

So, whether those were Payton's preferred destinations or not, his return will be determined by other factors.

It was a surprise when he walked away from coaching in New Orleans. But without Drew Brees at the helm, the future of the franchise was unclear. So, maybe it shouldn't have been as much of a surprise. Either way, it is highly likely Payton returns to coaching. The only question is where that will be.