What should the Pittsburgh Steelers do? By all accounts, it seems like the team will be keeping Kenny Pickett, at least for this season. They don't seem to be in the market for a new quarterback. So, what's left for them to do is to improve the roster around Pickett. That might mean trading some players for more value. Apparently, that list of potential trade chips include one Diontae Johnson.

Johnson, a veteran for the Steelers, could apparently be traded by the team… for the right price, per Tony Pauline of Sportskeeda. Given his contributions to the team in recent memory, it makes sense for them to require a high price for one of their top stars.

“Is Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson on the trading block? The short answer is possibly, if the price is right… While it’s not fair to say Johnson is on the trading block, several people tell me the Steelers are open to moving the receiver if they receive fair compensation.”

With George Pickens emerging as an elite wide receiver for the Steelers, Diontae Johnson's role could diminish. Still, he's a capable second wide receiver with 717 yards last season. He peaked as a 1,200-yard receiver back in 2021, when he was the top option for the team. Pittsburgh could keep him, but if a team comes calling with an intriguing offer, they'd be wise to take said offer.

Besides, the Steelers have been pretty good at drafting wide receivers. The only question for the team is whether Pickett will be good enough to make their incredible WR room work. If not… well, Pittsburgh is in a lot of trouble.