The Heisman Trophy winner will be announced this Saturday and it appears to be a three man race right now. The finalists are Bo Nix (Oregon football), Michael Penix Jr. (Washington football), Jayden Daniels (LSU football) and Marvin Harrison Jr. (Ohio State football). Nix seemed like the favorite to win the award before the Pac-12 title game, but him and the Ducks couldn't get the win against Washington. Now, the favorite to win the award is Daniels.

One person that is very familiar with the Heisman is Robert Griffin III. He won the award while he was at Baylor, and he doesn't think that Bo Nix is in a good spot to win it after Oregon football lost to Washington for a second time.

“Oh yeah, my vote’s in. I can’t disclose it, but my vote is in,” Robert Griffin III said, according to an article from On3. “I put it in after the championship games, which I encourage everyone to do, watch everything before you make that decision. Because I really felt like Bo Nix had a chance to win it if Oregon had beat Washington. I would’ve taken a lot, I thought he had to score at least eight touchdowns to make it a conversation for him to win it. But they didn’t win it and I feel like that kind of puts him a little bit behind the eight ball because he lost twice to one of the other Heisman frontrunners.”

Despite losing to Washington earlier in the season, Oregon was a heavy favorite in the Pac-12 title game. Most people expected the Ducks to win, and that's why Nix had such good odds to win the award. After seeing that loss, RGIII doesn't see it happening.

“The reason I felt that way about Bo Nix going into this past weekend was I think he had six rushing touchdowns and he had 30-some-odd passing going in,” Griffin III continued. “He was gonna need like eight touchdowns to even be in the same stratosphere as Jayden Daniels. So that’s why I thought that had to happen or Michael Peinx Jr. could have went out and done the same thing and been a Pac-12 champion. Because you know there’s people who are gonna vote along regional lines, conference lines, which I don’t agree with. I think you should just pick the three best guys, but that’s just the reality of it right now.”

RGIII noted that he can't disclose his vote, but it sounds like it didn't go to the Oregon football star. Based on his comments, it sounds like he probably voted for Jayden Daniels.

“But Michael Penix Jr. probably convinced some people because of their record, and resume, and showing up in big games that he can be the Heisman Trophy winner,” Griffin concluded. “So I’m interested to see how close the race actually is, but if you look just purely by the numbers, Jayden Daniels is in a league of his own.”

Nix and Oregon had a great season, but he might fall short in the Heisman race. We will find out on Saturday when the winner is announced at 8:00 ET on ESPN.