The Indiana Pacers have a very tantalizing duo brewing with Tyrese Haliburton and Pascal Siakam. They have played just 10 games together and still have lots of kinks to work out. But they should be super impactful once they start to get even more familiar with one another.

The early returns have been okay, posting a record of just 4-6 in the games with Haliburton and Siakam. But already, the former Toronto Raptors star knows what his new floor general needs. In an appearance on The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick, Haliburton explained what makes him and Siakam click.

“It's been a good partnership,” Haliburton said. “I think what I really appreciate is just, he listens really well.” The Pacers star agreed with Redick that Siakam, on top of being super talented, is “receptive” and understands how Haliburton looks to immediately run the break. He pointed to Bruce Brown, who was included in the idea with the Toronto Raptors, as someone who took some time to calibrate his game with Haliburton's.

“There's times when new guys get on the team. I always think if you grab the rebound and I'm next to you, give me the ball because I want to give you it back. I'm trying to drive and draw two and I'm going to give it right back, put you in an easier position. Usually, when we get a new guy, it takes a little bit. Like when Bruce first got there, he would be like this,” Haliburton said, motioning a hand wave, “and I'm like, ‘Give me the ball. Give me the ball, I'm gonna get you a layup. Like, come on.’ The Portland game, the first rebound Pascal grabbed, I was in front of him and I was waiting for him to do this — and he flipped it to me. I was like ‘Oh, this is gonna be fun. He gave me the ball right away.’”

Everything on the Pacers runs through Haliburton, so Siakam figuring that out right away bodes very well for their future together. Indiana heads into the All-Star break in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers have the chance to make some real noise in the playoffs if Haliburton and Siakam continue to mesh well.