Aaron Rodgers told the world that his decision was coming soon as the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers continued to hammer out details on a potential trade for the four-time NFL MVP. On Monday, while a flurry of NFL free agency agreements were being reported, ESPN's Trey Wingo dropped news that the Rodgers to the Jets trade was ‘done.' That was all that was needed to blow the top off of Twitter and send millions into full-blown panic mode.

Here are some of the best reactions to the conflicting reports on the Aaron Rodgers-Jets trade.

‘What is happening' seems to be the general consensus reaction among most Twitter users after they were told that Packers star Aaron Rodgers is being traded to the Jets, then told an entirely different thing moments later.

It's enough that some Jets fans are desperately clinging to the hope that Trey Wingo, who initially reported the news that the Packers quarterback had spoken with the Jets, is also correct with this report.

But shortly after Wingo's Rodgers-Jets trade bombshell, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network and Adam Schefter of ESPN both poured cold water over it, saying that no deal has happened yet.

And the reactions kept pouring in.

One thing is for sure. On a day where free agency agreements were expected to dominate the day, it was a false Rodgers-Jets trade report from Wingo that ultimately stopped time.

This Twitter user summed it up perfectly.

Aaron Rodgers froze Twitter indeed. Stay tuned for the news of the actual Jets-Packers trade- or Rodgers' retirement.