The Green Bay Packers, like the rest of the NFL world, know that they need to surround Aaron Rodgers with more receiving options. They made efforts to make it happen at the trade deadline but couldn't strike a deal despite numerous names being available.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Packers tried to trade for Darren Waller in addition to Chase Claypool.

“The Packers made aggressive attempts to acquire Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool and Las Vegas Raiders tight end Darren Waller, league sources told ESPN,” writes Schefter. “Green Bay offered two draft picks — its second-round pick and another late-round pick — to Pittsburgh for Claypool, according to sources.”

Schefter reports that the Steelers believed the Packers have the potential to start winning again, which would devalue the pick they would have gotten for Claypool, confirming a report made shortly after the deadline. Additionally, Green Bay wasn't able to meet Las Vegas' price of draft picks in a Waller trade. The Packers originally tried to acquire Waller in the Davante Adams deal before he signed a contract extension with the Raiders.

Rodgers said that he still trusts the Packers' front office after it failed to bring in more help for him. Still, his frustrations with the offense this season are very legit as they try to incorporate so many new names. The Packers had plenty of options at the trade deadline but couldn't make it happen. Now, they will try to improve on their season with who they already have.