The Green Bay Packers are doing well despite dealing with a huge star leaving their team in the offseason. Everyone was doing their job in such a great fashion on both sides of the gridiron during their NFL Week 1 match against the Chicago Bears. However, no one stood out more than Jordan Love's mom.

You heard that right! The most viral person during this NFL Week 1 game was not a player but someone's mom. Jordan Love was on fire against the Bears. He lit up the offense and gave them a massive advantage over the Justin Fields-led squad. His passing proficiency was on show as he darted for 245 yards. More than that, Love was elite at finding the open receiver in the end zone. He threw lasers that amounted to three touchdowns for a 38-20 victory, per Rob Demovsky of ESPN.

But, this was not enough to make him go viral on the internet. His mom was doing all of that for him. She was seen yelling and cheering for the Packers early on in the game. A lot of fans took notice of this and loved every bit of her reaction.


Some said that she won the ‘best mom in the NFL award.' Others were also calling for some merchandise involving the legendary Packers' mother. Cheering on one's child and team goes a long way to set the tone for the crowd. It boosts the confidence of most of their players and the roars often intimidate opponents. She is definitely a key contributor to the team's success.