The Green Bay Packers failed to build on their Week 10 win as they fell to the Tennessee Titans, 27-17, at home in Week 11 of the 2022 NFL season. Now at 4-7, the Packers remain in second place in the NFC North. Here are a few Packers overreactions after their loss to the Titans in Week 11, especially how Aaron Rodgers was a wash in this game.

The Packers were always playing from behind and could never catch up to the Titans, who just came in looking stronger as each week passes by. The Titans also just appeared more ready for this contest than the hosts.

Tennesee QB Ryan Tannehill also clearly outplayed Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay's defense was unable to contain Tannehill by any measure. And even when he was intercepted, the Packers offense was unable to capitalize.

For Week 12, the Packers go to Philadelphia to face the Eagles. Keep in mind that in Week 10, the Eagles suffered their first defeat of the season. This puts them at 8-1 into the weekend and top in the NFC, with a tiebreaker against the 8-1 Vikings.

With all these in mind, here are our Let's look at a few Green Bay Packers overreactions after their loss to the Titans in Week 11, especially how Aaron Rodgers was a wash

4. Christian Watson is the best WR on this squad

As long as he is healthy, Christian Watson seems to be a diamond in the rough for the Packers. He had a breakout game last week with three touchdowns. Now, he added two additional touchdown catches of 14 and 8 yards.

The best one came when Aaron Rodgers had a free play after pulling Tennessee offsides with his cadence on the 8-yarder. After waiting for someone to break open, he just tossed it up to the corner of the end zone to Watson, who vaulted over CB Kristian Fulton for the difficult grab.

Yes, Watson is still in the early stages of his career, and he's been injured frequently in his rookie season. However, he's provided a critical component of size and speed to the Packers' offense in the last two games. Can we really include it in our Packers overreactions if we say that he's already the best wide receiver option the Packers have this season?

3. The Packers are out of the playoff race

Mathematically speaking, the Packers are still in the fight for a postseason spot in the unstable NFC.

However, let's be honest. There's no way this team as they are presently constructed and in their current state of play will make the playoffs. If you still really believe in this group, then you're delusional.

This loss to the Titans was a truly costly setback a week after they resurrected themselves with a win over Dallas. The Packers are now 4-7 after, and they have a very challenging game against Philadelphia next week. Barring a miraculous turnaround, the Packers will lose that contest and would consequently need to win all their remaining games to have any chance of making the playoffs with a 9-8 record.

Again, it's mathematically possible, just not realistically believable.

2. Green Bay made Ryan Tannehill look All-Pro

The Packers' run defense played well enough against King Henry, but he still gashed them for a massive 45-yard screen pass to set up a score in the third quarter. Also take note that, in order to restrict Henry in the run game, the Packers had to sell out so much that they were exposed to play-action passes. Tannehill & Co. recognized this, and it enabled the Titans to pile up 350-plus yards and 27 points.

Remember that this Titans squad isn't known particularly for their passing offense. In fact, this team came into the game ranked as one of the worst in the NFL. Green Bay, however, chose to play a lot of soft zone coverages again for an offense with no significant threats at receiver and an offensive line that has been solid against pass protection. The Packers cornerbacks also didn't play all that well.

All these resulted in Ryan Tannehill looking like a friggin' All-Pro QB. He had time to himself when he wasn't being blitzed, and the underground routes were available all day. Combining zone coverage with little-to-no pressure is just not a winning combination. Green Bay should have been far more aggressive versus these receivers.

Tannehill just tore the Packers apart, racking up 333 passing yards on 22-of-27 completions. He also had two touchdowns, one INT, and got sacked thrice. His 127.3 passer rating here was his best all season.

1. Aaron Rodgers a wash and no way he'll win MVP again

Legendary Green Bay QB and reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers once again put up decent numbers. The Packers also benefited from the return of Randall Cobb from injured reserve. However, the ultimate outcome was that the Packers absorbed their third Lambeau Field loss of the season.

Rodgers completed only 24-of-39 passes for 227 yards and two touchdowns. He even had an above average 94.7 passer rating. However, it was the missed wide-open receivers that were the most perplexing and costly for him and his team. The Titans may not have the toughest secondary to play against in the NFL, but with their offensive troubles, the Packers made Tennesee's air defense look extremely good. In fact, Rodgers' longest throw went to Randall Cobb for 28 yards.

His inaccurate passes resulted in numerous wasted opportunities to prolong drives in the fourth quarter. Rodgers also took a highly unnecessary sack in the last minutes of the game, effectively ending a drive. That's just not the MVP we know and love. Despite what the numbers say, Rodgers got washed out in this game, and he's clearly nowhere near MVP material this season.