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Patrick Mahomes card collection nets owners insane $7.5 million haul

Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes

Collecting football cards has recently emerged as a very lucrative hobby. It’s become a business for some, who have earned quite significant profits in this trade. Just take for instance a husband-and-wife team who have decided to sell their card collection starring Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes for a whopping $7.5 million.

TMZ Sports provides the details of the collection (h/t Tim Daniels of Bleacher Report):

The group of cards includes 33 pieces that are listed as “1 of 1,” meaning there are no duplicates floating around in the marketplace.

[Robert DeArmitt Jr. and wife Heidi] told TMZ they invested around $20,000 in the collection and have received offers of over $1 million, but they decided to hold out seeking a larger return.

Clearly, they are looking at a much larger return than the $1 million they were initially offered for their collection. Doing a bit of math, their initial $20,000 investment from when they started the collection in 2017 — while Mahomes was still plying his trade with Texas Tech — has now grown close to 400 times over. Now that’s quite a return on investment.

It remains to be seen if any buyer will be willing to meet the couple’s extremely high asking price, but given how insane the market has been of late, it would not be a complete shock if they are able to sell off their collection at this rate.

Patrick Mahomes has been in the NFL for just four years, and already, he’s established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the game today. His stock should continue to rise in the coming years, which likely means that his cards should likewise see a significant spike in value.