A strong endorsement from Rob Gronkowski might just yield the New England Patriots a franchise quarterback. Jerod Mayo is still on the hunt for players to rebuild his team after Bill Belichick's departure. The 2024 NFL Draft is exactly the perfect time and place to do just that, and one name stands out the most among other prospects: Drake Maye out of North Carolina.

The top prospect behind Caleb Williams in the 2024 NFL Draft went on Adam Schefter's podcast. There, Drake Maye revealed what it would mean for him if the Patriots did follow Rob Gronkowski's advice in acquiring him if Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. were no longer available.

“So, just a place that’s had a lot of success and had some years lately that they haven't been as successful and looking to get back on track and I know that's, you know, right there near Boston. These are three great sports towns you’re talking about now. So, all great places to play and I think a great spot to be a franchise quarterback at, and that’s what I’m working towards,” the North Carolina product declared.

Patriots need a quarterback

In his last season with the Tar Heels, Drake Maye put up big numbers. This included 3,608 passing yards with a 79.4 quarterback rating. He also helped the team march into the end zone for 24 touchdowns.

His nine interceptions thrown leaves a lot to be desired. But, that is something that the Patriots and Coach Jerod Mayo could help him with. After all, he does want to replicate the success of a certain Patriots legend.

“New England, I mean, it's hard not to talk about the dynasty, you know, you think of the GOAT. That’s what you think of when you think of New England, you think of the GOAT, Tom Brady,” Maye shared.

As much as Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe had their flashes of greatness on the field, the Patriots need stability. They clearly need a reset after finishing the season with only four wins which landed them square to the bottom of the AFC East, worse than the New York Jets. Maye would be the perfect fit for this rebuilding team. Mayo could develop him during his rookie contract years while also building around him through the draft, free agency, and other acquisitions.