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Malcolm Butler cracks a joke about getting benched in the Super Bowl

Malcolm Butler

Tennessee Titans cornerback Malcolm Butler has plenty of experience in the playoffs, but one of the lower points in his career thus far came during Super Bowl LII with the New England Patriots. Head coach Bill Belichick infamously benched Butler, even though the cornerback started all throughout the regular season and previous playoff games.

When the benching was brought up after a joint practice with New England, the former Patriot was all smiles. He cracked jokes about the benching while praising his former coach, even despite the mysterious move:

While getting benched in that Super Bowl loss was a bummer, Butler cashed in that offseason with a five-year, $61 million contract with the aforementioned Titans. 2018 turned into an admittedly tough season for Butler, but he’s looking to put it behind him and turn things around.

The benching didn’t exactly work out for New England, of course. The Philadelphia Eagles promptly attacked Butler’s replacement, Eric Rowe. Rowe gave up a 34-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffery, and he looked a step slow the entire night. New England’s defense was carved up by Nick Foles in that game, and you have to wonder if playing Butler would have made a difference.

That is all in the past now, though, and Malcolm Butler has no hard feelings toward Bill Belichick and the Patriots.