A big stain on Peyton Manning's legendary career is his rookie interception record. He has delivered a Super Bowl to the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts but can't seem to wash off that tarnish on his legacy. Obviously, he can't revisit his first year in the league and reassess his targets such that it avoids elite defenders. But, he can bank on the 2024 NFL Draft Class to screw up and throw a lot of picks. But, he along with Sean Payton would like Bo Nix to avoid the record all costs.

Looking back, Peyton Manning had a fairly decent rookie season with the Colts. He attempted 575 passes and darted 56.7% of them throughout 16 games of starting. His acumen for leading his squad to the end zone was also elite. The first overall pick of the 1998 NFL Draft class was able to score six points 26 times and had a 4.5% touchdown percentage. All of these were very standard for a rookie, right? Well, that held true until he got sacked 22 times and was picked off by elite route runners 28 times too.

The latter statistic, unfortunately for Peyton Manning, stood the test of time. No other rookie in league history has managed to get intercepted more than him. So, it comes to no one's surprise that the Broncos and Colts legend wants that scrubbed off his resume, via Andrew Mason of Denver Sports.

“I played as a rookie, it was not a fun year. It was well-documented how many interceptions I threw. I mean, if any of these rookies wanted to break my interception record, I'd be for it,” he declared.

But, he made an exception for Bo Nix.

“I don't want Bo to break it but I'd like to get that one off my resume. You'd think with 17 games, you'd be able to do it, right? It's 28, shouldn't be that hard. Anyway, I'm over it,” Peyton Manning concluded.

Can the Broncos rookie fulfill this request?

May 23, 2024; Englewood, CO, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Bo Nix (10) during organized team activities at Centura Health Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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It's hard to say but the Broncos' situation definitely makes it unlikely. Sean Payton makes his schemes easier for rookies and some adjustments definitely are underway such that the Broncos offense still thrives despite a novice signal caller. The weapons in this system are also fairly used to running routes and executing well. Courtland Sutton, Josh Reynolds, and Marvin Mims Jr. all have have their fair share of experiences. Moreover, Bo Nix still has the option of handing it off to someone like Adam Trautman or Javonte Williams.

The only other person out of the 2024 NFL Draft class that he was to work with is Troy Franklin. Even then, this man was an elite receiver back in college which Bo Nix has chemsitry with in Oregon. Furthermore, the 12th pick of this year's draft isn't too prone to getting picked off. He developed a good passing IQ and only threw seven interceptions in his last season. Also, his split-second decision-making made him develop an elite running game which netted him 510 rushing yards on 89 carries.

It's safre to say that it won't be a Broncos rookie gunning for that record.