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Tiger Would says Phil Mickelson should win every event

PGA Tour Champions: Tiger Would says Phil Mickelson should win every event

As Phil Mickelson closes in on a PGA Tour Champions victory, Tiger Woods wants to world to know his former rival should win every event on the senior circuit.

While the two have always been considered rivals, there’s no sincere bad blood, so it makes sense to hear Tiger Woods go to bat for Phil Mickelson now that the latter is trotting about the greens with some elder statesmen.

“His wedge game is off the charts, as we all know, and getting every wedge in there he’s going to put it inside of 10, 15 feet each and every time, hole those, get momentum and keeps it going, there’s no reason why he can’t win every event he plays out there,” Tiger Woods said of Phil Mickelson so far in his PGA Tour Champions debut. “He’s got such a big advantage over the rest of the field just with sheer length.”

As noted in a previous post, Phil Mickelson was bringing a four-stroke lead to the final round of this event, putting him in a position to run away with the entire ordeal.

As for Tiger Woods, one day, possibly off in the not so distant future, maybe he can rekindle his rivalry with Fireside Phil in the PGA Tour Champions.