The Louisville Metro Police Department has launched an internal investigation into the conduct of the officers surrounding the incident the led to the arrest of Scottie Scheffler outside the gates of Valhalla Golf Club before his second round of the PGA Championship.

John Mills, working security for the event, was killed by a bus near the Valhalla entrance early on Friday. Later that morning, Scheffler was attempting to navigate around the traffic jam when he dragged officer Bryan Gillis, who had attached himself to Scheffler's vehicle, per ESPN's Jeff Darlington.

According to Darlington's account, Gillis attempted to forcibly drag Scheffler out of his car.  Scheffler was handcuffed and booked on four charges, include second-degree assault of a police offer, a felony. (Scheffler's arraignment is scheduled for June 3.)

Gillis claims that when he attempted to give Scheffler instructions, the golfer, PGA Tour-marked vehicle, “pulled into the westbound lanes where outbound traffic was flowing to avoid the backed up traffic,” according to Gillis' police report.

Scheffler “refused to comply and accelerated forward, dragging Detective Gillis to the ground” and causing “pain, swelling and abrasions to his left wrist and knee” and damage to hs “$80 pants…beyond repair.”.

Gillis did not have his bodycam turned on.

“From my understanding, based on the facts I am aware of right now, I understand why bodycam may not have been turned on at the initial contact between Officer Gillis and Mr. Scheffler,” Lousville mayor Craig Greenberg told reporters on Tuesday. “I still have questions about why it was not on during Mr. Scheffler’s arrest.”

Scheffler rode the adrenaline to a second-round 66.

“My situation will get handled,” Scheffler said Friday. “It was a chaotic situation and big misunderstanding.”

The two-time major winner finished T8 for the PGA Championship after a Sunday 65.

The 27-year old became a father two weeks ago.

“Overall, right now, how I'm feeling, I'm fairly tired,” he said after the final round. “Definitely a lot more tired than I have been finishing some other tournaments. But I'm proud of today how we went out there and fought.”

Scheffler is in the field at this week's Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas, near his Dallas home.