We've met lots of different Pokémon for the past 9 generations and there are some that are just really random. In this Pokémon SV Guide, we'll talk about how to get Brambleghast.

Who is Brambleghast?

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Bramblin is the base form of Brambleghast, it's the “Tumbleweed” Pokémon, which is both grass and ghost type. On the Scarlet Pokédex, it states “A soul unable to move on to the afterlife was blown around by the wind until it got tangled up with dried grass and became a Pokémon”. On the Violet Pokédex, it states “Not even Bramblin knows where it is headed as it tumbles across the wilderness, blown by the wind. It loathes getting wet”.

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Brambleghast evolves from Bramblin. On the Scarlet Pokédex, it shares “It will open the branches of its head to envelop its prey. Once it absorbs all the life energy it needs, it expels the prey and discards it”. On the Violet Pokédex, it shares “Brambleghast wanders around arid regions. On rare occasions, mass outbreaks of these Pokémon will bury an entire town”.

Where to catch Bramblin?

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Bramblin can easily be located in Paldea in the Asado Desert or in East Province (Area Three). Throw your Pokeball as you can see them rolling around in the area, waiting to be caught in the wild.

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How to get Brambleghast?

It only makes sense that the Tumbleweed Pokémon evolves by… Rolling. And a lot of it, too. To evolve Bramblin to Brambleghast, take 1,000 steps using the Let's Go feature. Place Bramblin at the front of your party and press the R Trigger button. Walk around with it for about a good 5 minutes and level up by one, your Bramblin will prompt you to evolve.

Your Brumbleghast is now ready to battle! Make sure to evade flying, ghost, fire, ice, and dark types as it is weak against those. You can try to check its Tera type and probably change it to make it stronger or resistant to those types.

There are a lot of Pokémon that we still need to explore in the region of Paldea. More Pokémon SV Guides are here on ClutchPoints Gaming so make sure to stay tuned! Best of luck, trainers!