Raiders news: Charles Woodson gives some advice to Khalil Mack on contract holdout
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Raiders legend Charles Woodson gives some advice to Khalil Mack on contract holdout

Charles Woodson

With training camp in full swing, the Oakland Raiders are looking to bounce back from their tumultuous 2017 NFL season. Unfortunately, the absence of defensive end Khalil Mack has dominated the team’s headlines thus far.

Mack and the team are currently trying to hash out a lucrative, long-term deal. According to Levi Damien of SB Nation, Raiders legend Charles Woodson shared the advice he gave to the star amidst his holdout.

“I just told him, ‘Whenever you come back. I don’t know what happens with your deal, if you get a new deal or if you’re playing on the same deal, when you come back come back ready.’

“The time that I spent when I sat out the camp I made sure that when I came back I was in tip-top condition. It’s always different once you put the pads on and you’re hitting and you have to get down and you get knocked down and you have to get back up, bumps and bruises, that’s different. But as far as coming back and being able to play a whole game and being able to run around, I was able to do that. My advice to him is whatever you do, it doesn’t matter when you come back, when you come back be ready. You don’t want anybody saying anything crazy about your conditioning and all of this sort of thing. Come back ready. I think he’ll do well in that respect.”

It goes without saying that Woodson knows all too well about the business side of sports. The former nine-time Pro Bowler was largely in the same position as Mack during his first stint in Oakland. Rather than getting the long-term deal he wanted, the Raiders hit him with the franchise tag before he eventually wound up signing with the Green Bay Packers. That said, it is easy to see why he is so supportive of Mack’s efforts.

Fortunately, Woodson still made sure to warn Mack about not letting up in his conditioning. Regardless of whether or not the two sides can come to an agreement this offseason, he will still need to show why he is worth the big bucks. Of course, that is hardly any concern considering what Mack has accomplished over the last three seasons. It is safe to say fans will want to avoid having to deal with the departure of another generational defensive superstar.