It is no secret that the Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers do not like each other. This is normally the case with division rivals. Raiders' wide receiver Davante Adams made it known in a recent interview that he does not appreciate how the Chargers portrayed him in their schedule release video.

Davante Adams recently appeared on FanDuel's Up & Adams show with Kay Adams. The pair spoke on several topics, including the controversial schedule release video that still has Adams fuming.

“It’s not the players’ fault because they didn’t have anything to do with the post,” he told Kay Adams. “This is directed strictly toward the Chargers’ social media page: Please keep my name out of your mouth and show some respect.”

Adams has played against the Chargers five time as part of the Raiders. In those games, he has hauled in 41 passes for 535 yards and four touchdowns. He has logged three games where he went over 100 receiving yards against the Chargers.

“I thought about responding [to the Chargers] on social media and being funny there, but I figured it would be better to just beat their head in in real life and continuing to do it that way,” Adams said. “I just want to remind them of what they’ve been going through as it pertains to playing against me.”

Adams will clearly be using the video as bulletin board material this season.

“They treat me like an old man, so I’m going to act like it because old men just say whatever they feel,” Adams said. “That’s how my grandpa is, at least. So I’m just trying to be what they want me to be.”

We can't wait to watch some Raiders vs. Chargers football later this fall.

Josh Jacobs explains message to Raiders' Davante Adams after signing with Packers

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams (17) misses a pass in the end zone against the Denver Broncos during the fourth quarter at Allegiant Stadium.
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Trade rumors surrounding Davante Adams increased earlier this offseason thanks to former Raiders RB Josh Jacobs.

Adams was one of the first people Jacobs told that he was signing with the Green Bay Packers. He sent Adams, who he was teammates with in Las Vegas, an eyeball emoji via text message. The thought being that he was asking Adams if he planned to follow him back to Green Bay.

At the time, there were plenty of trade rumors circulating about Davante Adams. The Josh McDaniels regime that acquired Adams was gone and Las Vegas looked destined for a rebuild. As a veteran wide receiver, Adams does look like a nice trade piece who could be used to acquire more draft picks.

Therefore, it certainly seemed like a loaded question — or at least like something that Jacobs was somewhat seriously pitching to Adams.

However, Jacobs insists that it was all in good fun.

“Me and Davante, you got to understand the relationship we have,” Jacobs said on NFL Network's The Insiders. “We joke around with each other a lot. We talk about certain things. Basically, when I sent him the eyeballs, it was more so about how crazy life works out. He leaves there and goes to the Raiders, and I'm going there. That's kind of just what we was talking about.”

For now, the Raiders are content to keep Adams in Las Vegas.