Raiders news: Jon Gruden is a 'long-time admirer' of Tom Brady
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Raiders coach Jon Gruden is a ‘long-time admirer’ of Tom Brady

Jon Gruden, Tom Brady, Raiders

The New England Patriots and veteran quarterback Tom Brady will not be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday for the first time in three years, but that doesn’t mean the six-time champion isn’t present during the event. Brady’s pending free agency is the talk of the NFL, with rumors he could retire, he could sign with the Los Angeles Chargers or another AFC West team like the Las Vegas Raiders.

Brady has now been linked to the newly relocated Raiders, with head coach Jon Gruden a “long-time admirer” of the 42-year-old gunslinger.

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

One of the teams expected to be leading the way if Brady gets to free agency is the Raiders, whose coach, Jon Gruden, is a long-time admirer of the three-time MVP and six-time Super Bowl champion. The two have a good relationship, and league sources believe that Gruden, who is known to be a highly effective recruiter, wants Brady on the Raiders.

Brady’s impact on the postseason has certainly been a tremendous one despite the Patriots being eliminated in the AFC Wild Card Game against the upstart No. 6 seed Tennessee Titans. The Kansas City Chiefs, representing the conference, lost to Brady and the Patriots in last season’s conference title game, and with Brady’s free agency coming up the most distinguished quarterback in NFL history is still on everybody’s minds when not playing in the Super Bowl.

Brady’s link to Gruden and the relocated Raiders makes sense given rumors in recent weeks that Derek Carr could be dumped for a different player under center this offseason.