Despite suffering a “hip contusion” on Sunday, Matthew Stafford was still able to lead the Los Angeles Rams on a game-winning touchdown drive in overtime to outlast the Indianapolis Colts. The Rams host the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5, and Sean McVay said Stafford “should be good to go,” per Stu Jackson.

“[He] took a pretty good shot to his hip and got a good deep bruise and some swelling and things like that. That really happened immediately,” McVay said. “But he was able to push through, and I think it was good to be able to kind of get him treated and try to minimize that right afterwards.”

McVay doesn't think Stafford will be limited in practice this week, but the Rams will be careful with their quarterback. “We'll be smart with him, but he should be good to go,” McVay said. “He's a stud, and obviously we saw him gut through that yesterday. Definitely took a good shot there. But we feel like he should be good to go.”

Stafford is about as tough as quarterbacks come, so it shouldn't surprise anyone if he does play. He once famously threw a game-winning touchdown after separating his shoulder as a rookie.

Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford have done an impressive job with the Rams offense this season. With a sub-par offensive line and Cooper Kupp starting the season on the IR, the Rams' 2-2 start has certainly exceeded expectations.

McVay said the Rams will start Kupp's activation window this week, but it's unclear if he will play against the Eagles.