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Jerry Jones’ take on billion-dollar Rams relocation lawsuit won’t please St. Louis fans

Jerry Jones Rams St. Louis relocation Cowboys

The billion-dollar lawsuit hovering over the NFL and its Los Angeles Rams franchise is set to go to trial in January. The city of St. Louis filed the case back in 2017 over claims that the league had violated the guidelines it set on relocation, benefiting from the move despite alienating one of its longstanding fanbases.

Jerry Jones has been alleged as one of the key figures in convincing team owners to approve of the Rams move back in 2o16. In a recent appearance on 105.3 The Fan, he Cowboys owner recently broke his silence on the matter with a court date looming, in a take that’s sure to draw ire from the St. Louis faithful.

Via Mike Florio of NBC Sports:

“I can appreciate St. Louis’s concern or St. Louis’s interest in losing an NFL team,” Jones said in response to a general inquiry about the status of the case. “And I see that. I know how special they are. And so it’s a product of that. I know first hand — first hand — I’m very familiar with Missouri, and I’m very familiar with how the Rams operated in Missouri. And Stan Kroenke’s commitment and the type of sensitivity that he had and his love for Missouri. I know all of that first hand. And it was outstanding. And so every opportunity was given for the Rams to remain in St. Louis, in my view. So having said that, hopefully this thing will seek its right level.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a St. Louis Rams fan who would be willing to listen to what Jerry Jones is preaching. As the court date nears, the noise surrounding this legal scandal will only get louder.