Rams news: Johnny Hekker has hilarious reaction to Patrick Mahomes' megadeal
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Rams’ Johnny Hekker has hilarious reaction to Patrick Mahomes’ megadeal

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The NFL community was abuzz with astonishment when the Kansas City Chiefs awarded Patrick Mahomes the richest contract in North American sports history on Monday. Mahomes not only set the record but also shattered the ceiling in terms of NFL contracts. The 10-year, $450 million extension will make him the highest-paid player both in terms of guaranteed money as well as annual average value.

It was known the Chiefs were intent on extending their Super Bowl MVP. It was also known Mahomes’ extension would be a landmark contract.

Still, the numbers are pretty astonishing, and they prompted some hilarious reactions on social media.

Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker had one of the funnier reactions, quote-tweeting Kansas City’s official account and saying the Chiefs would have to pay the rest of the team in “trident layers” if they hope to build a dynasty.

For reference, Trident Layers are a brand of gum.

In other words, other Chiefs players might as well be worth sticks of gum in comparison to Mahomes. At least, that’s how Hekker seems to see things.

On the one hand, this is an absolutely massive financial commitment on behalf of the Chiefs. Simultaneously, the argument can be made the quarterback position is the most important in all of team sports, and Mahomes is a generational talent.

The 24-year-old followed his remarkable MVP season in 2018 with another tremendous campaign in 2019, one that culminated with the Chiefs lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

Hekker and the rest of the league can make as many jokes as they want, but Mahomes will be making stacks and giving the Chiefs a chance to win the Super Bowl on an annual basis.