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Rams’ Marcus Peters looking forward to playing against Philip Rivers

Marcus Peters, Rams

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Marcus Peters is admittedly excited to play against Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers in Week 3 of the 2018 NFL season. However, it is not for reasons one would think.

Peters enjoyed a tremendous amount of success against Rivers during his tenure with the Kansas City Chiefs. But according to Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times, he is more excited about going against such a passionate player.

“I [expletive] love Philip Rivers. I love what he brings to the game, I love that he’s a competitor, that he loves to compete and he’s going to make you pull your best out, because he’s going to come at you. So I love playing against him,” Peters said.

Peters doubled down on his love for Rivers as a competitor and not just a player he has enjoyed personal success against.

“I love Philip Rivers. I love what he does. And that’s just not trying to be sarcastic because of my play against him, that’s just me saying I love the way he approaches the game, I love the type of competitor he is. So him talking mess is just the competitive part of the game.”

There is certainly plenty of truth to Peters’ comments. Rivers is regarded as one of the most hot-blooded players in the league. The veteran is known for yelling at either himself, the opponent, or his own teammates more often than not. It is safe to assume that he and Peters have had their fair share of conversations while on the field. However, things have always seemed to tip in Peters’ favor.

Peters went 6-0 against Rivers when he was still a member of the AFC West Division. Not only was his team able to pull out the victory every time, but he was a large part of the reason why. He managed to pick the veteran off four times during that span.

Needless to say, Peters is hoping to keep his undefeated streak going as a member of the Rams.