What a difference a year can make. More than any other team entering last season, the Los Angeles Rams appeared to be set at running back with what they had in Todd Gurley and backup Malcolm Brown.

Brown will play behind Gurley again in 2019 after the Rams matched his offer sheet in free agency, but the position is a bit more precarious than it was a season ago. Brown's role could see a sizable increase after last season ended with Gurley suffering through a mysterious knee injury, which has been reported to be arthritic in nature.

Brown has seen his time on the injury list as well, coming off surgery to repair a broken clavicle. The late-season injury precipitated the signing of Anderson after Gurley’s left knee required medical attention during a December loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Coach Sean McVay added to the intrigue surrounding his backfield, saying his team won't rule out selecting a back in the upcoming NFL Draft, which begins on Thursday.

“We’ll look to see if there’s a player that adds some value at that position,” McVay said via the LA Times. “When that would be is hard to say, but I think you’re always looking for more playmakers.”

McVay specified the team would look into a change-of-pace back, someone who is also an adept receiver out of the backfield. The Rams thought they had that when the team signed Lance Dunbar before the 2017 season, but Dunbar never fully recovered from a lingering knee injury.

For next season, the Rams have four backs under contract: Gurley, Brown, Justin Davis, and John Kelly.