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Why Rams’ Aaron Donald isn’t considering wearing a face shield

The NFL is currently attempting to navigate uncharted waters on just about every front as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep through the United States. Even with the coronavirus expected to impact the upcoming 2020 NFL season in a major way, Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who is also one of the best all-around players in the entire league as it stands today, is not considering wearing a face shield upon taking the field in the near future.

Leading to such a comment from the Rams two-time Defensive Player of the Year, the idea that NFL helmets would come equipped with a face shield similar to what a commonly used visor would look like, just over the lower portion of the helmet and face mask, was floated around not too long ago.

“Honestly, I probably won’t even put that on,” Donald said during a video-conference call with reporters on Wednesday, via NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk. “I need air when I’m out there running around and breathing with them long drives and stuff. I feel like, we’re out there; we’re playing up close. There is nothing you can really do. If a guy got it and I tackle the guy, then I probably got it because he is going to be sweating and spitting and slobbering all in my face. So, hopefully these guys are just doing what they need to do. The shield, they say it works, but I don’t really think it would, because the way football is played. Like I just said, that’s on guys doing what they need to do the right way outside of this facility, as long as guys do that, we’ll be fine.”

Of course, the NFL is taking what seems like the proper precautions considering the scenario that the league is dealing with in 30 different cities across the country. Unlike the NBA, WNBA, MLS and NHL, the NFL will seemingly be following in the footsteps of Major League Baseball by bypassing the now popular “bubble” format for the 2020 season.