Dune star Rebecca Ferguson updated what happened after she told the story of how a co-star she hasn't named yet “screamed” at her and caused her to cry when they were filming together, Deadline reported.

In a new interview on The Jess Cagle Show, Ferguson spoke about the panic the story caused among her former co-stars.

“Number one, yes, I kind of enjoyed the grab. But what I realized even at the age that I am now — 21 — is it doesn't matter. I definitely think I'm much more open. I also know where my boundaries are. But the point of the interview wasn't about finding the person — of course, people will be interested,” the actress said.

“But I was excited about the question, which was a very good question by [Josh Smith]. Because the point was: Is there a point in your career where you were treated in a way where you changed your decision on — this is how I formulated it in myself — where you want change, or you will not accept it? And it was such a clear moment for me working with this person,” she added.

“But I got phone calls from amazing co-stars who I've worked with going, ‘You understand what you've done, right?' And I was like, ‘Oh my God. No, I didn't think.' I mean, it's not my responsibility, to be honest. I don't really care. You know, ‘You're great, but my story is my story, and if you're a good person, then don't worry, about it,'” Ferguson continued.

Cagle offered his own guess as to who the actress was talking about and jokingly said, “the person was Meryl Streep, and everybody knows it.”

The actress laughed and responded, “Dammit!”

Ever since Ferguson dropped that bombshell revelation of her former co-star, social media has been abuzz about playing a guessing game of who it was. Some have done a deep dive on her IMDb page, poring through her credits to uncover the mystery “number one.”

That's in reference to part of Rebecca Ferguson's story. The unnamed actor was number one on the call sheet. The first person on the call sheet is usually the lead actor in a project, or the one who has the most prominent role on a shoot day.