Elly De La Cruz has not even begun to scratch the surface of his enormous talent level and potential. But as he makes his initial run through the major leagues while playing shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds, he has demonstrated the kind of playmaking that should keep fans on the edge of their seats for multiple years.

Twitter can't seem to get enough of him

The 21-year-old, widely regarded as the No. 1 prospect in baseball, showed off his remarkable speed in Sunday's game against the Houston Astros. In the sixth inning, the left-handed batting De La Cruz hit a hard one-hopper down the first baseline.

Houston first baseman Jose Abreu sprawled along the line to corral the shot, picked himself up and sprinted to the bag. Abreu did everything right, but De La Cruz was simply too fast for him. De La Cruz launched himself head first to the bag in his final strides, while Abreu dove with his glove to the bag. De La Cruz got there first by the slimmest of margins.

It doesn't appear likely that any other player in the major leagues could have beaten out Abreu on that play and made it to first base safely.

De La Cruz has sparked the Reds since being promoted to the parent club. The Reds finished off a three-game sweep of the Astros in Houston Sunday with a 9-7 victory in 10 innings. The victory was the eighth in a row for Cincinnati, and it has allowed the Reds to improve their record to 38-35. They are in second place in the National League Central.

They are breathing down the necks of the first place Milwaukee Brewers, and 21-year-old Elly De La Cruz is playing a huge role