Joey Votto has seen first-hand how poorly the Cincinnati Reds have performed in recent years. He has seen all of the frustration among Reds' fans. To a point, Votto even agrees with it.

Outside of the CO-VID shortened 2020 season, Cincinnati hasn't made the playoffs since 2013. The Reds have gone just 145-179. Votto understands that fans want more from the club and gets why they haven't been too happy recently, via Bobby Nightengale of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

“We deserve it,” Votto said. “We have to play better. It's a failure of ours to leave such a supportive fanbase dissatisfied. We are aware of it. The cynicism, in my opinion, is completely justified.”

Joey Votto has been a member of the Reds since 2007. While he has seen the good times in Cincinnati, he is now watching the team go through the bad. He is still committed to the only franchise he has ever known, but he understands fans wanting to see more from their team.

While Votto is prepared to do whatever it takes, he'll start Spring Training on a proverbial pitch count. He appeared in just 91 games last year due to injury. Alongside Nick Senzel, Votto will likely miss the first few games of Spring Training, via Nightengale.

Over his 16-year career with Cincinnati, Votto has hit .297 with 342 home runs and 1,106 RBI. He's a six-time All Star and won the 2010 NL MVP.

To put it simply, Votto has been the face of the Reds for almost two decades. If he is calling out Cincinnati's organizational problems, perhaps it is time for a change.