One of the biggest questions of the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline has been whether or not the Los Angeles Angels would trade Shohei Ohtani, and it was reported on Wednesday by Tom Verducci that the Angels had pulled Ohtani off the market. The Angels verified that they had become buyers by completing a trade for Lucas Giolito from the Chicago White Sox.

An executive seems to believe that Shohei Ohtani was never on the market before Arte Moreno, Perry Minasian and the Angels tried to buy.

“I never heard he was officially on [the market],” one American League executive said, via Mark Feinsand of

Even before Perry Minasian completed the trade for Lucas Giolito, another American League executive heard that the Angels were going to be buyers.

“They are in buy mode,” the American League executive said, via Feinsand.

Some might be questioning whether it is smart for Arte Moreno and the Angels to be buying, knowing that they are four games out of a wild card spot. However, at least one executive respects what Perry Minasian is doing.

“Good for Perry,” an American League executive said, via Feinsand. “I respect that he's playing his hand this way.”

It always seemed unlikely that the Angels would trade Ohtani when taking into account all reporting leading up to the ultimate decision to become buyers. Now, we know for sure that the Angels are trying to win now and get into the postseason to potentially convince Ohtani to stay this offseason.