Rory McIlroy has denied meeting with Joe LaCava, Patrick Cantlay's caddie, after a heated altercation between the two at the Ryder Cup extended from the 18th green to the parking lot on Saturday.

The initial disagreement was sparked after LaCava, following a 43-foot birdie putt by Cantlay, celebrated on McIlroy's putting line and didn't immediately move when asked. The Northern Irishman was subsequently seen yelling at somebody in the parking lot, with American caddie Jim “Bones” Mackay seemingly in the firing line. McIlroy reportedly shouted, “This can't happen. This can't happen. It's a f***ing disgrace.”

In the wake of Europe's Ryder Cup victory, set up by an historic opening day, McIlroy was asked about reports from NBC Sports that he and LaCava had met up on Sunday, prior to the slate of singles match-ups.

“I haven't met Joe,” McIlroy stated, before again being asked whether things had been resolved between he and LaCava. “I was focused. I was very focused. I let it fuel me. I didn't let it take away from what's been a fantastic week. I used that little incident last night to my advantage.”

But while the air may not have been completely cleared between those two, McIlroy did acknowledge that he had been in contact with both Bones Mackay, to whom he apologized for his outburst, and Patrick Cantlay.

“We haven't seen each other face-to-face, but we've text and everything will be fine,” McIlroy said. “But it's a point of contention and it still hurts, but time is a great healer and we'll all move on.”

No doubt accelerating the process for Rory McIlroy was the result on Sunday. After heading into the final day with a commanding lead, the 12 singles matches were split at five apiece with two draws, handing Europe a comfortable victory.