The Seattle Seahawks just couldn't get the job done against the San Francisco 49ers. In the closing minutes of the game, DK Metcalf seemingly lost his cool, yet again after slamming Fred Warner to the ground.

Drew Lock threw an interception that pretty much closed out the game. Warner caught the ball and attempted to run up the field. However, Metcalf grabbed him around the waist and slammed the 49ers' linebacker. Fred Warner retaliated and it all went south from there.

As Greg Olsen pointed out, this isn't the first time we've seen DK Metcalf lose his cool. It's become something to expect with the Seahawks' star wide receiver. Whenever things just aren't going his way, frustrations boil over and he causes mayhem. Additionally, it doesn't help Seattle lost to a divisional rival.

With that said, Fred Warner isn't all that innocent. He somehow wasn't penalized for retaliating. Additionally, Metcalf probably didn't know that Warner handed the ball off. So, in Metcalf's mind, he made a play to prevent the interception turning into a pick-six.

There was just a mess of players and coaches on the field though. That's not a great look for the Seahawks, 49ers, or the NFL. Fines and other suspensions may pop up in the coming days, as the league doesn't allow benches to clear.

We'll see how the league handles this. They'll take a good look at the clip and determine which players and/or coaches deserve some kind of punishment. For that reason, keep an eye on the Seahawks and 49ers early in the week.