Conference realignment has been wild over the last couple of years, and the SEC started it off with the additions of Oklahoma and Texas. Georgia president Jere Morehead gave his perspective on where the SEC stands, and what the future could hold for the conference.

“This is just my opinion, I'm not speaking for other presidents in the SEC,” Jere Morehead said, via Seth Emerson of The Athletic. “But to me 16 is a really good number, for a variety of reasons. And when you start getting beyond 16 I think that becomes more challenging from a scheduling standpoint. And from a standpoint of determining true championships. I suppose there could be scenarios where 18 and 20 works. But I think they'd all have to be carefully thought out. Again, I would trust our commissioner to do so. And he hasn't indicated to me any desire to do anything but make sure that Texas and Oklahoma assimilate into the SEC in a very positive way.”

As a result of the latest realignment moves, it appears that the SEC and the Big Ten are the conferences that sit in the most powerful positions. The Big Ten is adding four schools in USC, UCLA, Oregon and Washington in 2024. The Big 12 has also made big moves, adding Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State and Utah.

The prevailing thought of many is that more consolidation will happen, and the SEC and Big Ten will become super conferences. It seems that Georgia's Jere Morehead wants the SEC to be cautious and very selective if further expansion happens.