As he prepares to leave FS1's Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe isn't hesitating to take subliminal Twitter shots at his longtime co-host Skip Bayless. While the true reason for his Undisputed exit has yet to come to the light, Sharpe has left breadcrumbs by liking tweets pointing to his deteriorating relationship with Bayless. But with just one Twitter like on Thursday night, Sharpe escalated his beef with Bayless to a whole new level.

“My take: Shannon Sharpe has outgrown Skip Bayless. He is far superior. He has a wonderfully bright future ahead. Bayless, meanwhile, won't find another partner. His career will nosedive because he is a piece of s**t.”

Sharpe liked the tweet in which the user called Bayless a “piece of s**'t.” The NFL Hall of Famer may not have uttered one word yet on his Undisputed exit, but he sure has said a lot without saying anything.

As to why he's leaving Undisputed, it seems there are multiple potential reasons why.

Why Shannon Sharpe is leaving Undisputed

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Sharpe reportedly reached a buyout with FS1 and his final show is expected to air after the conclusion of the NBA Finals, according to the New York Post.

Sharpe's podcast, “Club Shay Shay”, will also be leaving FS1.

The Post cites the very public friction that was apparent when Sharpe took exception to a tweet Bayless sent out shortly after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field.

When Sharpe, who did not appear on Undisputed the next day, implored Bayless to take the tweet down upon his return to the show, the latter declined while interrupting his co-host.

The Post also mentions the fact that Sharpe desired to be more of an equal to Bayless on Undisputed, particularly when it came to choosing topics for the show.

Sharpe could be leaving for these reasons- and more.

What's clear, both from reports and Sharpe's Twitter likes, is that he has lost a great deal of respect for the man he has worked alongside for the past seven years.