Spurs news: Gregg Popovich blasts Laura Ingraham for 'shut up and dribble' comment
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Spurs’ Gregg Popovich blasts Laura Ingraham for ‘shut up and dribble’ comment

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has chimed in the much-talked-about war of words between Cleveland CavaliersLeBron James and FOX News host, Laura Ingraham. A quick recap on how it transpired: James shared a passionate comment against United States President Trump in a recent episode of Uninterrupted’s web series, Rolling With The Champion.

“The number one job in America – the point of person – is someone who doesn’t understand the people, and really don’t give a [expletive] about the people.”

Ingraham then shared her thoughts on the remarks:

“This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. It’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100m a year to bounce a ball… Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.”

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Popovich himself is known to not be fond of the controversial President – to a point where he described Trump as someone who’s “unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically” to run the White House – so it was a given that he’d give his hot take on the headline. Cavs and Bleacher Report writer Greg Swartz quoted Pop as saying the following:

“When I heard about the [Fox News host’s comments] it was an unbelievable show of arrogance for a talking head to try and tell someone else if they can speak, what they can speak about, when and where to do it”

“[LeBron James is] very, very special and we should all be very proud that we have somebody like that who’s willing to speak about a variety of topics.”

With Gregg  Popovich and LeBron James being two of the more vocal and influential figures in the NBA today, we could see more back-and-forth from their side and Ingraham’s.

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Of course, this is one of the very few situations where the future Hall-Of-Fame Spurs coach is on LeBron’s side. Just this past Sunday night, his Spurs even dominated the Cavaliers on the road, 110-94, despite James tallying 33 points, 13 rebounds, and nine assists.