Don't expect New York Mets owner Steve Cohen to overreact to the team's latest losing streak. After the Mets lost their seventh straight contest and fell 10 games in the loss column behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East, Cohen isn't prepared to make seismic changes just yet.

Steve Cohen spoke with The New York Post Saturday morning, hours after the Mets were defeated by the Pittsburgh Pirates 14-7. The Mets shook up the bullpen after the loss, but Cohen stressed that the Mets should not be “overly reactionary.” The Mets' owner believes that the team has the potential to turn its season around quickly.

“When things get really bad, I’m not going to blow up,” Cohen said. “I don’t think that’s the proper response. I don’t think it solves anything, other than it gives people a one-day story. But it doesn’t really solve anything. There’s plenty of blame to go around from a performance point of view. So blowing up, I’m not sure it solves anything. It would demonstrate, ‘Oh, he really cares. He’s one of us.’ But the reality is it’s not going to solve our problems. And I think in some ways it can be demotivating.”

The Mets have been MLB's most disappointing team through 40% of the season. New York has MLB's highest payroll and championship aspirations because of Cohen. The team sits in fourth place in the division and four games out of the final NL wild-card spot.

Cohen seems to have confidence in the roster that the Mets put together and doesn't believe a drastic move at this time would be helpful.

“General fan reaction, it’s usually, ‘I can’t believe Steve’s not going nuts, fire somebody.’ My answer to that is, ‘OK, let’s say I went nuts. Let’s say I fired somebody. Then what?’” Cohen asked. “What does that accomplish? Who are you gonna replace them with? This is the middle of the season. And then if you actually ask people [who are the replacements], they have no answers, other than they’re just angry, and I get that. I’m frustrated too. The players are frustrated. The front office is frustrated. We are frustrated. No one expected this. This is really surprising. It doesn’t mean that things won’t get better. If we can find ways to fix our weaknesses, we’ll try.”

The Mets could be among the most active teams at the 2023 MLB trade deadline.