Warning: Spoilers ahead for Succession Season 4

One of the biggest twists in recent television history was the death of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the third episode of the fourth (and final) season of Succession. The character was suffering from a health condition, but he died unceremoniously on a flight to Norway. Plus, this is still the series lead we're talking about.

But Cox has opened up to the BBC about this shocking decision, saying, “I was fine with it ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected. You know, I felt a little bit, oh, all the work I've done, and finally, I'm going to, you know, end up as an ear on a carpet on a plane.”

Still, Cox can't complain about the way it was handled. He believed that Logan's death was handled “in a pretty brilliant way,” though he still looked at it “wrongly, as a form of rejection.”

As comic book movie fans spend hours theorizing about the next movie, Cox also opened up about his own theories regarding Logan's fate. “I still believe this — maybe Logan isn't dead. This could be part of an elaborate ruse to find out. Well, if you think about it, from Logan's point of view, he has to find out, how are his children going to behave when he dies, what will then happen? And the only way to do that is to fake his death and actually, at some distant point he's observing the chaos that is following,” Cox said.

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Even if Cox went on about the possibility of Logan being alive, he said, “No…I'm just saying that could have been a supposition.”

The fourth season of Succession recently aired its penultimate episode on May 21 and will wrap up this upcoming Sunday, May 28. The hit show for HBO and Max has been one of their biggest success stories thanks in large part to Brian Cox's performance throughout the series.

The series finale of Succession will air on May 28.