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Suns’ Dario Saric declares Devin Booker the best player he’s ever played with


Phoenix Suns power forward Dario Saric had high praise for his teammate, shooting guard Devin Booker.

Saric, who has played with several all-star caliber players in three teams throughout his NBA career, said in a postgame interview after their win against the San Antonio Spurs, that Booker is the best player he has ever played with. He then continued, saying that his teammate is “on a different level.”

Saric was traded to the Phoenix Suns on July 2019 and started playing with Devin Booker this season. He was previously teammates with Minnesota Timberwolves’ young all-star center Karl Anthony Towns, known to be friends with Booker, in the 2018-2019 season. Saric also played with all-stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons throughout his time in the team that drafted him, the Philadelphia 76ers.

This list of players have been voted to be All-Stars at least once, and yet Devin Booker is known by fans in comparison to having been snubbed several times, with the primary reason said to be his team’s less-than-stellar records throughout the seasons. Despite this, he is known throughout the league to be a prolific scorer, even becoming the youngest player to record 60 points in a game with 70 points in 2017 against the Boston Celtics.

Booker was notably absent from the newly released list of all-star starters for this season, with the West instead being headlined by guards Luka Doncic and James Harden. However, many are predicting that the 23-year-old guard will still get his first all-star nod soon, as his team, currently holding  a 19-26 record, are only two wins away from the fickle eighth spot in the competitive Western Conference.