Right after rumors that Taika Waititi's Star Wars film had been scrapped, it turns out that may not be the case.

One Take News is reporting that Waititi's Star Wars film isn't scrapped after all. It appears that Waititi's comments when presenting an award to Shawn Levy about being unable to finish a Star Wars script may have been misinterpreted.

Whether this is good or bad news remains to be seen. While Waititi can be credited for turning around the MCU's Thor series with Ragnarok, Love and Thunder received a lukewarm response. Additionally, his latest film, Next Goal Wins, premiered at TIFF and also received mixed reviews.

The Star Wars franchise has needed a revamp on the film side. At the Star Wars Celebration event earlier this year, three new films (not including Waititi's) were announced.

Taika Watiti first gained fame for his film, What We Do in the Shadows. The horror mockumentary spawned an FX spin-off series. He also directed Hunt for the Wilderpeople in 2016 before making the jump to the MCU with Thor: Ragnarok.

Between the third and fourth Thor films, he directed Jojo Rabbit. The film adapted the novel Caging Skies and followed a young boy in Nazi Germany who discovers his mother is hiding a young Jewish girl in his house. Waititi wrote and directed the film in addition to starring as the boy's imaginary Adolf Hitler friend. The film received a number of Oscar nominations, with Waititi taking home the Best Adapted Screenplay award.

His latest film, Next Goal Wins, tells the story of Thomas Rongen and the American Samoa football team. It just premiered at TIFF and is scheduled for a November 17 release.