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DeAndre Hopkins says Texans getting Deshaun Watson was one of his happiest moments playing football

Texans news: DeAndre Hopkins says Houston getting Deshaun Watson was one of his happiest moments playing football

The Houston Texans selected Deshaun Watson with the 12th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. Quickly, he became one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and gave superstar wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins a reliable thrower.

Now Hopkins is considered the best receiver in football by many and it’s pretty easy to see why he’d be happy about the addition. In an interview with Cam Wolf of GQ, DeAndre Hopkins talks about how the Texans getting Deshaun Watson was one of his happiest moments playing football.

Not put too much stock into what goes on above you?

No, because we realize now what goes on above us. You can’t sugarcoat that. Ain’t no way around it. You can’t sugarcoat why Kaep is not playing in the NFL. This dude played in the Super Bowl. I only had one Pro Bowl quarterback my whole career…that was Deshaun Watson and that was last year. So, shit.

It must be a huge relief to have him on the team.

You don’t understand what I’ve been through. Nobody understands, and I keep it to myself. I don’t bash people in the media, like other people. Before Deshaun, I used to be frustrated…all the time, just saying, “How am I in this position?”

You got all the receivers going to the Super Bowl who are not even close to as good as me, but they got a good-ass quarterback. And here I am, putting up these crazy numbers—but all these quarterbacks, I never even worked out the whole off-season with a quarterback. Just because it’s in and out. Cut. One year. Cut. So when we got Deshaun, that’s one of the happiest moments I have playing football. That’s sad.

It’s easy to see why Hopkins would be frustrated with his old situation and why he was happy to get Hopkins. It has to be ridiculously annoying to be working with a constant carousel of quarterbacks. Even more so when you consider yourself an ultimate competitor and you see players that aren’t nearly as good as you getting to the Super Bowl and getting the big spotlights.

All that is changing though. Hopkins now has one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL and he’s still very much in the prime of his career himself. With Watson throwing him the football, the sky is the limit when it comes to production.

More importantly though, the Texans are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Hopkins wants to win and contributes more than enough to the cause. Now he has the quarterback to help him take the team to the promised land.