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Texans’ Deshaun Watson accuser reveals disturbingly intimate details in tell-all against QB

Deshaun Watson Texans sexual assault

Houston Texans fans are well acquainted with the issues surround Deshaun Watson. The star quarterback’s immediate future is in jeopardy, with his playing status for next season still completely up in the air.

With the nearly two dozen sexual assault cases hurled against him, the Texans star has been relegated to the team’s fourth string QB as they wait for further developments.

Just recently, one accuser in Nia Lewis spoke out about her intimate experience with the Texans QB in an interview on Unwine with Tasha K. The alleged details were.. troubling to say the least.

Via BSO’s Robert Littal:

“The only thing that really bothered me in the first appointment was that he kept asking me to go inside his butt,” Lewis said of the Texans star.

I originally thought it was the crack and so I would go around that area and he still wasn’t satisfied. He was very adamant and was saying don’t be afraid to go inside.”

Lewis reveals that the encounters got worse and worse as Deshaun Watson would come back for additional massages. The Texans QB allegedly became more direct and intrusive in his visits.

“The second appoint was just really inappropriate. He was very touchy-feely. He would act like he accidentally brushed up against my b-tt. Like, if I would be on the side of his neck, or if I’d be at the front of the massage table, he would reach his hands up and act like he was accidentally brushing up against me.”

Nia Lewis revealed much more in detail throughout the interview, if you want to hear even more of her side of the story. If proven to be true, the Texans certainly have some major decisions to make sooner rather than later.