The Houston Texans have a lot of holes to fix in the offseason. Arguably the biggest one is to find a new coach to replace David Culley.

While there are many highly competent names being thrown around, it seems the Texans are thinking out of the box. Or at least executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby is. Which isn't necessarily a good thing as history would show.

According to reports, the Texans have already interviewed former NFL quarterback Josh McCown for the coaching vacancy. Not once, but twice. He had a long career from 2002 to 2020 but jumped from one team to another and didn't really make much of an impact. McCown has zero experience as a coach.

But as John McClain of the Houston Chronicle pointed out, Easterby and McClown are pretty close, so the latter may already have one foot inside the door.

Easterby isn't respected much by Texans fans. In fact, he's been considered as the team's “punching bag” due to his questionable decisions through the years, adding to the displeasure of star quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Easterby, however, was recently defended by Texans general manager Nick Caserio (via Texans Daily).

“Jack's been a hot topic for a lot of people. I would say, candidly, probably some of the criticism has been unfair.”

Aside from McCown, the Texans are also reportedly eyeing Brian Flores, Hines Ward, Joe Lombardi, Jonathan Gannon, and Kevin O’Connell to be the new coach.