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Texans’ pursuit of Nick Caserio is complicated

The Houston Texans have made it clear they want to interview Nick Caserio, who is currently employed by the New England Patriots for their General Manager job but getting him on board could be pretty complicated.

The Patriots have made it clear that Caserio is an important part of their front office and have made it hard for other teams to get their hands on him.

The Texans asked for permission in 2018 to interview Caserio and the Patriots denied it. The only time they allowed a team to interview him was in 2014 when the Miami Dolphins wanted to interview him.

Mike Reiss of ESPN, thinks the biggest hurdle will be getting the Patriots to allow an interview, but even if they get an interview that might not be the end of the complications.

Caserio is married and has three kids and enjoys working in the Boston area. He is a very safe job with the Patriots and there is a question if this is even much of an upgrade.

The money might be a little better but there is some sense around the Patriots that Bill O’Brien is the guy in charge of the Texans, and that the new general manager might not actually make the decisions.

“The Texans are hiring a general manager. Caserio’s title in New England is director of player personnel.

But as Caserio himself said at Super Bowl LIII, and as Belichick has confirmed over the years, the Patriots don’t put much stock in titles.”

The Texans want Caserio but getting a deal done might be a tough task.