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Houston Texans sign QB Joe Webb to one-year deal

Joe Webb

The Houston Texans have one more quarterback — a backup, to be exact in their roster, as they’ve just brought back Joe Webb to a one-year deal.

According to NBC Sports, Webb is coming back to play for a one-year, $1 million deal as a backup quarterback. He’ll be taking this role from the special teams position he used to play.

Joe Webb offers unique versatility as a quarterback, special teams player, and receiver. Last year, he saw just 35 snaps on offense, but took part in 312 special teams plays.

Webb’s unique skill set has kept him in the league for a long while and 2019 will be his tenth year in the NFL. Before joining the Texans last year, Webb spent four years with the Vikings, three years with the Panthers, and one year with the Bills.

Prior to Webb signing this deal with the Texans, he’d earned his stripes in professional football.

He was originally drafted as a quarterback/wide receiver prospect back in 2010, but then head coach Brad Childress announced that Webb would exclusively play quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

In 2014, 2014, Webb signed with the Carolina Panthers. Even though he previously said in 2013 that he had no intention of playing as a quarterback again, when signed with the Panthers he has been the third string backup quarterback, and also used as a wide receiver.

Joe Webb has also played with the Buffalo Bills before signing to the Houston Texans, and it will be interesting to see how his time with them plays out — will it turn into a full-fledged quarterback position or will he be traded away?