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Texans’ Nick Martin breaks silence on botched shotgun snap that derailed comeback vs. Colts

Texans, Deshaun Watson, Nick Martin

Houstons Texans center was downright depressed after botching a shotgun snap that derailed his team’s comeback against the Indianapolis Colts. He has quickly moved on from the error and vows to learn from it.

With about 90 seconds left in the game, the Texans had a chance to snatch the win. But a low snap from Martin caused Deshaun Watson to fumble the ball. Anthony Walker dove on the loose ball to secure a Colts 26-20 victory. Martin shared his side of the story and how he intends to recover moving forward.

“Plain and simple I got zoned in on the play too much and I didn’t do my first job, which is snap the ball and get Deshaun [Watson] the ball,” the Texans center told reporters, per Mike Florio of NBC Sports.“My reaction was I was very upset.

“You have to learn from it,” Martin said. “It can’t happen again. You do have to learn from it. You have to look at the play, look at the whole game. Obviously take the good from the game and obviously the negatives, which is something I focused on more this game with the end result. But then learn from it and move on. There’s a lot of football to be played. We have four more games and we have to move on and continue to win.”

Texans offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Tim Kelly echoed Martin’s thoughts, noting that the play doesn’t define the center:

“First of all, right away, you can’t let that play define your day, define you as a person, define you as a player,” Kelly told reporters. “It was one snap.”

Martin has a chance to redeem himself against the Bears on Sunday.