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RUMOR: Texans QB Deshaun Watson’s likelihood to get moved ahead of NFL trade deadline

Deshaun Watson Texans NFL trade deadline

The Deshaun Watson trade that’s loomed large over the Houston Texans and the NFL as a whole may finally be coming to fruition soon.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, the expectation is indeed that the Texans will be getting a trade completed for their Pro Bowl quarterback.

“Based on everything I have heard, the belief is that something will happen involving a trade and Deshaun Watson before November 2nd. There’s been plenty of false starts and plenty of rumors around this. But the expectation is something will be completed by November 2nd.”

While a deal is reportedly likely to go down, the exact specifics of said deal are still up in the air. In all likelihood, the Texans already have a grasp of what specific teams are offering as part of a trade package. They’ll likely choose the best one as the NFL trade deadline date draws near.

“Here’s where it stands. Multiple teams are still interested in trading for Deshaun Watson. There’s a report going around the league about the Dolphins, they are not alone. Among the teams that have been discussed over the past several months, the Panthers, the Broncos, the Eagles, and some others.”

Despite still unresolved legal issues, Deshaun Watson’s trade suitors still persist in acquiring his services. The Texans just need to figure out which team wants him the most.