A good NFL logo goes a long way toward creating a recognizable brand. A team’s icons should not only be appealing to the eye but also showcase its history and identity.

The NFL is home to some of the most iconic teams in all of sports. With how well-known these clubs are, some of these logos are more than just a logo to legions of loyal fans. Some organizations such as the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers have used the same marks for decades now, while others such as the Seattle Seahawks continue to add new twists to their brand. Today, we’re ranking every NFL team logo from worst to best.

Best NFL Logos, Ranked

32. Washington Commanders

Year released: 2022

Call it recency bias, but Washington’s much-anticipated rebranding was a dud. After using the Washington Football Team moniker for the past two seasons, fans in D.C. were eager to see the team’s new permanent identity in 2022. What they got was a name that screamed generic and a logo to match.

The burgundy and gold “W’ is only a slight change from the logos the club used during its transition phase. Obviously, the team couldn’t continue to use its controversial original name and logos after years of backlash. However, many fan-made designs online show much more character than what the team released earlier this year.

31. Los Angeles Rams

Year released: 2020

The Rams are riding high after winning Super Bowl 56 back in February. Unfortunately, they can’t also win the NFL championship for the league’s best logo.

Many fans did not take well to Los Angeles’ branding overhaul prior to the 2020 season. The logo itself drew heavy criticism, and the uniforms revealed shortly after didn’t help matters. The logo is also suspiciously similar to one used by a Texas high school.

Los Angeles’ iconic Rams’ head logo, which the club used for nearly 20 years, was a casualty of the rebranding. The Rams could’ve just tweaked their branding along with their move to SoFi Stadium, but instead, they decided to fix what wasn’t broken.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

Year released: 2021

The Rams’ Super Bowl 56 opponent doesn’t fare much better on the logo ranking. If nothing else, Cincinnati’s primary logo conveys the club’s identity well. An orange “B” with black tiger stripes, there’s no mistaking what team that belongs to.

The problem is that the Bengals already have a much better logo in their set. From 1997 to 2003, Cincinnati used a snarling tiger head as its primary logo. This icon showcases the team’s identity just as well, if not better, than the striped “B” and adds a sense of intimidation and ferocity that their current logo is lacking.

In 2004, the Bengals relegated this logo to an alternate design. The striped “B” took center stage since then, receiving only a minor color change prior to last season. Cincinnati should’ve taken the chance to make its tiger head logo the primary mark once again when they redesigned their NFL uniforms in 2021.

29. Cleveland Browns

Year released: 2015

Cleveland’s orange helmet logo is one of the longest-standing logos in the NFL. The Browns debuted their first variant of the helmet logo in 1970, and have made only minor adjustments since. Unfortunately for the Browns, this is a case where classic doesn’t equal good.

To be fair, there isn’t much to work with given a name like the Browns. However, it’s fair to expect more creativity than just a helmet, which every team wears anyway.

Cleveland could look to its use of the “Dawg Pound” phrase if it wanted to go in a new direction. Cleveland has used a dog in alternate logos since 2003, and the potential for a dog-centric rebrand is undeniable.

28. Arizona Cardinals

Year released: 2005

The Cardinals debuted their sideways-facing cardinal logo back in 1970, when they were still in St. Louis. They’ve made only minor adjustments since then, most recently when they redesigned their uniforms in 2005.

Arizona’s logo isn’t bad, just outdated and kind of generic. The Cardinals are in desperate need of a rebrand, as they’re entering year 18 of the same uniform design. When Arizona inevitably decides to shake up its brand, it should change up its logo to inject some much-needed freshness into its identity.

27. Denver Broncos

Year released: 1997

The Broncos’ logo suffers from the same problems as the Cardinals’. The logo itself is decent and it clearly shows the team’s identity and looks intimidating enough. However, the Broncos are entering year 26 with the logo, and it’s time for a shakeup.

Denver’s throwback logo, which depicts a horse inside a “D”, is a classic and the team should consider bringing it back. The Broncos already use this logo on their color rush NFL uniforms, so it’s clearly on the back of their minds. If they decided to bring the logo back, reintroducing royal blue to their color scheme instead of navy would complete the look. Denver could also go in a completely new direction for an overdue rebranding.

Given that the Broncos won all three of their Super Bowls with their current logo, they may hold onto it for longer than they should.

26. Philadelphia Eagles

Year released: 1996

Philadelphia rounds out a trio of solid but outdated logos. The eagle head looks fierce and an “E” possibly being hidden in the logo is a nice added touch. Much like Denver, Philadelphia needs a rebrand after using the current logo for more than a quarter-century.

The shade of green that the team uses, dubbed “midnight green,” is a subject of debate among fans. Some love it, while others clamor for the return of the “Kelly green” the Eagles used throughout its early history.

Philadelphia is bringing back the “Kelly green” throwback jerseys in 2023 as an alternate, but it should consider bringing them back permanently. The team’s previous logo, which showed a full eagle carrying a football in its talons, would also bring a smile to many fans’ faces.

25. New England Patriots

Year released: 2000

The Patriots’ logo is among the NFL’s most iconic thanks to their dynasty under Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Dubbed the “Flying Elvis” by fans, the logo will be sticking around for a while because it’s so associated with winning.

It’s hard to dislike such an iconic NFL mark, and it is shaped to look like a pennant gives a nice hidden meaning to it. New England’s throwback logo, referred to as “Pat Patriot,” is also iconic in its own right. This throwback will be making its much-anticipated return this season, giving the Patriots two solid logos to work with.

24. New York Jets

Year released: 2019

The Jets gave their brand a minor shake-up in 2019. New York not only changed its shade of green to a much brighter one but also separated “New York” and “Jets” rather than overlaying them. The change was contentious among fans, but the Jets deserve credit for changing it up after 20 years of the same logo.

The new logo harkens back to previous Jets logos that used a similar, but not identical, shade of green. It also maintains the simplicity of the logo while adding slightly more dimension to a classic icon. While a logo that shows more of the namesake is ideal, the current one is solid, nonetheless.

23. New York Giants

Year released: 2000

The Giants’ logo is another long-standing icon in the NFL. Looking past the irony of a team called the Giants being represented by lowercase letters, New York’s mark is pleasing to the eyes.

The dark blue and red come together nicely to form a pleasing color palette. Some fans prefer the word mark logo the Giants used throughout the 80s and 90s that is now used on their color rush uniforms. However, New York is certainly in a good spot with its logo.

22. Houston Texans

Year released: 2002

The NFL’s youngest franchise has just one primary logo in its history, but it conveys its identity so well. Houston’s logo appropriately bears the colors of the Texas state flag, red, white and blue. The bull’s eye being in the shape of a star also pays tribute to Texas’ nickname as the “Lone Star State.”

The Texans introduced a new “Battle Red” helmet on Tuesday, marking the first major change they’ve made to their uniforms. If this does signal a future rebrand, the Texans should go with a slight reworking rather than a major overhaul.

21. Atlanta Falcons

Year released: 2003

The Falcons’ current logo is a nice evolution of their original logo from 1996. The newer design maintains the subtle “F” from the original but takes on a sleeker and more fierce look. The red added to the falcon’s wings is another nice touch of the modern logo.

Atlanta smartly keeps its throwback uniforms, a solid design on their own, in its rotation. The Falcons are debuting a new, red throwback helmet to pair with this uniform in 2022. With both the modern and throwback logos in their arsenal, the Falcons have a pair of solid logos to use.

20. Baltimore Ravens

Year released: 1999

The Ravens bear one of the NFL’s most distinct color schemes. Purple, gold and black come together to give Baltimore an identity all its own.

Baltimore’s logo, showing a purple raven with a gold “B” on its head, benefits from its fantastic colors. The raven itself is solid but could look a bit more intimidating. However, the unique colors utilized give the logo what it was lacking before.

19. Tennessee Titans

Year released: 1999

Like the division-rival Texans, the Titans took heavy inspiration from their home state. The colors, two different shades of blue, red, and silver, come directly from the Tennessee state flag. The three stars surrounding the stylized “T” also pay homage to the flag.

Beyond the references to the state flag, the logo pops really well. The red trim provides a sense of contrast from the blues, and the flames around the circle add a sense of flair to the design. The Titans haven’t changed their logo since they changed their name from the Oilers, but they don’t need to.

18. Detroit Lions

Year released: 2017

Lions fans don’t need any reminders about their team’s historic struggles in the NFL. Fans can at least take solace in having a quality logo.

Detroit first introduced the reared-up lion logo in 1970. The Lions gave the mark minor tweaks three times, each one improving on the last. The most recent redesign keeps the added detail from the 2008 edition of the logo, but removes the unnecessary black outline to create a cleaner look.

Detroit’s color scheme of light blue and silver still manages to stand out in a league with a lot of blue. In this instance, it helps give the logo a more regal look than most other colors would. While the Lions are considering changing up their uniforms again soon, the team should avoid making drastic changes to the logo.

17. San Francisco 49ers

Year released: 2009

San Francisco’s logo is a prime example of less is more. It’s just a simple red circle with a white “SF” in the middle and gold trim, but the simplicity is so effective.

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Surprisingly, the logo did not feature gold until 1996. The 49ers made the smart decision to add gold, given the team’s name originating from the gold rush of 1849. It also pairs well with the franchise’s rich history which includes five Super Bowl victories.

16. Chicago Bears

Year released: 1974

Chicago’s primary logo featuring an orange “C” with blue trim is undeniably simplistic. However, the Bears have earned the right to be simplistic as one of the league’s oldest franchises.

The Bears experiment with different takes on the logo on occasion, but the original always prevails in the end. The next-most recognizable icon is an alternate logo showing a blue and orange bear roaring. While this logo is iconic in its own way, nothing will ever beat the stylized “C.”

15. Green Bay Packers

Year released: 1980

Much like their longtime NFL rivals, the Packers make the most out of a simple design. The blocky “G” is also among the most famous in the NFL, certainly helped by their four Super Bowl championships.

Other teams across sports share the same core design, most notably the University of Georgia. However, the first iteration of the Packers’ “G” logo debuted in 1961, predating Georgia’s by three years. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and multiple teams mimicking Green Bay’s logo shows how iconic it is.

14. Seattle Seahawks

Year released: 2012

The Seahawks claim the dubious honor of being the highest-ranked bird team on this list. The best way to describe Seattle’s logo is sleek. The color scheme and streamlined design of the hawk come together to form one of the league’s slickest logos.

Seattle moved away from its original, Native-American-inspired logo to the first version of the modern design in 2002. The Seahawks then slightly altered the logo’s colors when they redesigned their uniforms in 2012. The new color scheme further accentuates the sleekness of the design, and given the team’s run of success with this logo, it should be here for years to come.

13. Indianapolis Colts

Year released: 2004

Indianapolis’ horseshoe logo is another one of the NFL’s most recognizable. The Colts unveiled the first version of the iconic logo in 1979 when they were still based in Baltimore. Since then, the team has only made minor adjustments to the mark’s color and shape.

The horseshoe is a simple icon, but an effective one. The team’s classic blue-and-white color scheme is all that’s needed to make the horseshoe stand out. The Colts hit the nail on the head with this logo, and it still holds up over 40 years later.

12. Kansas City Chiefs

Year released: 1972

Kansas City’s logo is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year, and it’s arguably more iconic than ever. The Chiefs’ modern success under Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid catapulted them into one of the league’s most well-known clubs.

Similar to San Francisco’s logo, Kansas City’s shows so much about the team’s identity with so little. It has the city initials in the center, much like San Francisco, but is surrounded by a distinct arrowhead instead of a circle. The logo also pairs nicely with Arrowhead Stadium, which is now known as one of the loudest and most passionate in the league.

11. Dallas Cowboys

Year released: 1964

The classic logo to end all classic logos. Dallas entered the league in 1960 already bearing the iconic blue star. The Cowboys added a white outline four years later and haven’t touched it since, because they don’t need to.

The star also shows Dallas’ identity well despite its simplicity, representing the “Lone Star State.” The Cowboys’ five Super Bowl wins, including three in the 90s, helped to cement this logo as arguably the most recognizable in American sports.

10. New Orleans Saints

Year released: 2017

New Orleans’ logo is very similar in concept to Dallas, just a colored-in object with an outline. What puts the Saints ahead is the much more distinct shape of the logo. Many teams across sports use a star in their iconography, while the fleur-de-lis the Saints use is nearly-exclusive to them.

New Orleans entered the NFL in 1967 with a fleur-de-lis logo, but a slight redesign in 2000 brought it closer to what it is today. The Saints’ made only slight color changes in the years since, and seem happy with the overall design. They should be, the logo is instantly recognizable and stylized well.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars

Year released: 2013

Admittedly, Jacksonville’s logo isn’t as ingrained in the city’s history as many logos earlier on the list. However, it more than makes up for that in its raw design.

The Jaguars debuted their redesigned logo alongside new uniforms in 2013. While the uniforms were a dud, the logo itself was a keeper.

The newer jaguar looks much more intimidating than its older counterpart. The blue tongue, eyes, and nose give the design an added sense of character and make it more distinctly Jacksonville. Hopefully, for Jaguars fans, the team on the field can soon match the fierceness of its logo.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Year released: 2020

The Chargers donned the iconic lightning bolt on their helmet in their inaugural 1961 season. Yet, it took until 2002 for the team to finally adopt the bolt on its own as a standalone logo. The Bolt was initially white but soon changed to yellow in 2007.

The Chargers, much like their same-city counterpart in the Rams, decided to give their branding a makeover to celebrate their move into SoFi Stadium in 2020. While the Rams struck out on their redesign, the Chargers knocked theirs out of the park.

The new edition of the lightning bolt is less curved than previously, and only has one outline instead of two. Both of these changes give the logo a more modern appearance than it had previously. It also helps that this logo is shown alongside one of the best uniform lineups in the league.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Year released: 2020

The Buccaneers’ original logo, named “Bucco Bruce,” has a legion of fans clamoring for its return every season. However, the newer skull flag logo is much more appealing to the eye.

The first version of this design debuted in 1997. Tampa Bay then redesigned it in 2013 with an angrier-looking skull, less-tattered flag and a brighter shade of red. The newest edition of the logo, coinciding with Tom Brady’s arrival in 2020, restores the darker red from the original version.

Tampa Bay’s logo is now one of the NFL’s best. It looks intimidating, as a pirate skull should, and the unorthodox colors of red, silver, white and orange work together surprisingly well. It took some time to refine, but the Buccaneers’ logo is in its best form yet.

6. Las Vegas Raiders

Year released: 1995

Las Vegas’ logo shares a lot of elements with Tampa Bay. Both show the heads of pirates with crossed swords surrounding them. The Buccaneers’ logo may be great, but the Raiders get the edge for doing it first.

While the current edition of the Raiders’ logo debuted in 1995, the team has used a similar design for its entire history. The Raiders originally used gold on the logo in the early 60s, but it didn’t take long to refine the look to what it is now. The shield design with “Raiders” above the pirate head first appeared in 1964, with only a slight tweak in 1995 to its current form.

Las Vegas’ logo manages to capture a great blend of history and aesthetics together in one.

5. Minnesota Vikings

Year released: 2013

The Vikings stand above their fellow pirate-themed teams in the logo department. Minnesota’s logo is not only more intricate than Tampa Bay’s or Las Vegas’ logo, but also better represents its area.

The team’s inaugural logo closely resembles what it is now, just with some color changes and facing the other way. The Vikings’ kept the core design intact throughout the years, slowly adding more detail with each iteration. The purple-and-yellow color scheme also complements the intricate design so well.

But what truly sets Minnesota apart is how the team name and logo represent the area. The Vikings are named as such to honor the high population of Scandinavian descendants in the state. For combining great design with great theming, the Vikings logo is one of the NFL’s elite.

4. Carolina Panthers

Year released: 2012

Much like their fellow cat-based team and expansion brother the Jaguars, the Panthers make up for a lack of history with a fantastic design. The roaring black panther with light blue trim just looks so good and fierce, and the color scheme is a big reason why.

Carolina’s inaugural logo was very similar to the current one, just more cartoony. The redesign in 2012 helped make the logo much more serious and gave it an almost 3D quality. This redesign, while subtle, drastically improved the logo.

3. Buffalo Bills

Year released: 1974

Buffalo may be a recent contender on the field, but its logo has been one of the league’s best for decades. Blue, white and red is an oversaturated color scheme in the NFL, but the Bills pull it off better than any other team.

The Bills somehow managed to make a silhouette of a bison look majestic. The blue of the bison combined with the red of the banner on its horns provides a wonderful contrast. This logo is approaching its fiftieth anniversary, and hopefully, there are many more to come.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Year released: 2002

The Steelers claim the honor of the best of the truly classic logos. This beautiful logo first appeared in 1969, with only a minor outline added since. Through the Steelers’ six Super Bowl championships and decades of success, this logo deservedly grew into one of the most iconic in sports.

The three-starburst-shaped icons in the logo somehow fit despite departing from the team’s normal color scheme. The team name and iconography pay tribute to the massive steel industry in Pittsburgh. The history and design of the logo itself blend together to form one of the most recognizable and best logos in all of sports.

1. Miami Dolphins 

Year released: 2018

The Dolphins’ original logo is one of the most famous in NFL history. The teal, helmet-wearing dolphin in front of the outline of the orange sun made for a great design in its own right. Miami made the bold decision to give its logo a drastic redesign in 2013, and the new design, shockingly, turned out even better.

Gone is the cartoonish look of the logo used from 1997 to 2012. In its place is a beautiful minimalist design that looks straight out of an aquarium exhibit. The slightly darker orange used since 2018 only improved an already great logo even more.

By mixing a fantastic design with the league’s most unique color palette, the Dolphins take the prize for not only the best NFL logo but one of the best in all of sports.