Xiao returns in Genshin Impact 2.4 with a renewed conviction to rid Liyue of demons. This time, he's getting some help from a powerful new 5-star Cryo character that gets mistaken for an Adeptus a lot – Shenhe. But if you're pulling for Xiao instead of Shenhe, then you must want to know how to build Xiao. Let's revisit the Yaksha's kit and find out the best weapon build and artifact builds for Xiao in Genshin Impact.

Abilities Overview

Xiao, the Conqueror of Demons, is the 5-Star featured character for the Invitation to Mundane Life Event Wish from Genshin Impact 1.3. As an Anemo polearm user, he fills an unoccupied role in Genshin Impact. He easily fits in any team as your primary DPS. While you don't really need to use him for Swirl damage, he still pairs well with elemental users. Bring out a support character and apply elemental effects on your enemies, then switch to Xiao to deal huge damage.

With his Bane of All Evil Elemental Burst, sometimes you won't even need anyone else but Xiao to clean house. However, do note that his Elemental Burst continuously drains his health, so be sure to always have a good healer around. A good pairing for him is Xingqiu, whose Rain Swords can heal Xiao over time as he fights.

It doesn't take a lot to achieve high damage with Xiao. Just with his base damage, you can already deal a lot. Pair it with a proper weapon and fitting artifacts, and you'll get ridiculous amounts of damage out of Xiao. He's a great character to use for all parts of the game and fits well as the main DPS of your first team in the Spiral Abyss.

Best Weapon Build for Xiao

As your main DPS, amplifying Xiao's attack is ideal. Weapons that give bonus stats to Xiao will also help him.

Primordial Jade Winged Spear – This 5-Star polearm is obviously made specifically for Xiao. His character portrait in promotional materials depicts him wielding this, so it's hard not to pick up this weapon and give it to him. At its lowest level, the Primordial Jade Winged Spear increases ATK by 3.2% for 6s on hit. Max 7 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s. While in possession of the maximum possible stacks, DMG dealt is increased by 12%.

Deathmatch – You can also pick up the polearm from the battle pass and hand it over to Xiao. This is the easiest weapon to get for him that gives him the most possible DPS. If there are at least 2 opponents nearby, Deathmatch increases Xiao's ATK by 16% and DEF is increased by 16%. If there are fewer than 2 opponents nearby, ATK is increased by 24%. While the increase in ATK is definitely helpful, the extra DEF helps give your Xiao survivability while he loses life from Bane of All Evil.

Prototype Starglitter – If you're not so lucky to get enough battle pass points for a Deathmatch or be able to pull a Primordial Jade Winged Spear, then you'll have to forge your own weapon. The Prototype Starglitter can help increase Xiao's damage output, especially when he's dancing around with his Elemental Skill. Since his Elemental Skill has two charges, then you can make Prototype Starglitter's effect happen twice in succession.

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Best Artifact Build for Xiao

The same as your weapon, the best build for Xiao is to give him artifacts that buffs his ATK.

Gladiator’s Finale – Just like the case for other main DPS characters that make use of their raw strength, the Gladiator's Finale (or any other Gladiator artifacts, if this one is unavailable) is the best artifact for Xiao. We recommend giving him a 4-set so that he'll get both the +18% ATK bonus and +35% Normal DMG bonus. We recommend giving Xiao a full set of the Gladiator's Finale for most of the builds and team compositions you might make.

Bloodstained Chivalry – This artifact set can be a good alternative to the Gladiator's Finale, especially if you're clearing Domains with lots of enemies. Building a 4-set will, after defeating an opponent, increase Charged Attack DMG by 50%, and reduce its Stamina cost to 0 for 10s. This is on top of the 2-set bonus of increased +25% Physical DMG. If you don't have a complete Gladiator's Finale set, use at least two of these.

Viridescent Venerer – In case you're building a team where elemental damage matters, then the Viridescent Venerer might be a better set. A 2-set increases Xiao's Anemo DMG by 15%. With a 4-set, Swirl Damage is increased by an astounding 60%, and even lowers the enemy's elemental resistance by 40%. The elemental resistance debuff can even stack with other elemental resistance debuffs from other sources if present.

Best Team Composition for Xiao

This part might be the hardest for you to achieve, as getting a perfect team in a Gacha game is almost unimaginable. As the main DPS, you'll have to pair Xiao with strong support characters that can increase his damage output and protect him while in his Bane of All Evil Elemental Burst.

Support bursts – Characters like Fischl and Xiangling can pair up well with Xiao's Anemo attacks. Dealing Swirl damage with both Pyro and Electro leads to massive damage, especially if you have the Viridescent Venerer equipped.

Support healers – Since Xiao loses health while using his Elemental Burst, we advise you to pair him up with powerful healers. Jean comes to mind with her powerful healing Elemental Burst, and her Anemo typing gives your party a boost in stamina because of elemental resonance. You can also go with Qiqi, who can amp up Xiao's Swirl damage with her Herald of Frost. Yet, we think that Xingqiu also pairs up really well with Xiao because of the healing, added protection, and Swirl damage you get from his Rain Swords.

Support mobility – If you're so lucky that you also pulled Venti in previous banners, then you can also include him in your team. Having both Venti and Xiao in your party gives your team a lot of mobility. Exploration in the world map becomes so much easier with both characters in your team. Their elemental resonance also makes your team consume less stamina and increases your movement speed. With Venti's Skyward Sonnet skill and Lemniscatic Wind Cycling skill, you can get to places that others might have a hard time getting to.

Xiao may be the best damage dealer we have in the game right now. Everyone who saved up their primogems to make sure they can get Xiao made the right decision. It also doesn't take a lot of effort to use him. Even with the worst weapons and artifacts, Xiao is still a devastating character that will bring destruction to his enemies.