Are you looking to find information on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier cast? The Marvel, MCU and Disney+ show debuts on Friday. But for now, we have you covered as to who is playing who in this highly anticipated show.

Much like WandaVision before it, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will let fans know more about characters that have only been supporting characters in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

In this case, it's Sam Wilson or The Falcon and Bucky Barnes and The Winter Soldier, two heroes who are affiliated with Steve Rogers aka Captain America in previous MCU features. But in this limited series, which will be released on Match 19 and will run for six episodes, these two heroes take center stage and will bring with them a mix of new and familiar faces as part of its cast.

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cast

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Cast, MCU, Disney+, Marvel

First among the cast is Anthony Mackie, who has played the Falcon in the MCU and will now step into the mantle of Captain America after receiving his iconic shield at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Teaming up with Mackie is Sebastian Stan, who plays Barnes, who was Rogers' best friend before being brainwashed by HYDRA and being turned into an assassin before joining the Avengers in the last couple of their films.

Another notable member of the cast is Daniel Bruhl, who plays Helmut Zemo, the main antagonist of Captain America: Civil War. After losing his family in the battle in Sokovia in Avengers: Ultron, he tries exacting revenge on the Avengers, even manipulating Barnes at one point.

As the great-niece of Peggy Carter, a former SHIELD founder, and director and the love interest of Rogers, Sharon Carter helps Captain America in a couple of films. Now, the younger Carter and Emily Van Camp, who plays the character, will join the series and make her television debut for the MCU.

Aside from Zemo, another character who could be an antagonist is John Walker or US Agent, who will be played by Wyatt Russell, one of the newcomers in the series. In the comic books, the hero also took on the mantle of Captain America but was a darker and more brutal version of the original Cap.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will stream exclusively on Disney+ starting March 19.